KnittingKnitting Pattern for Saartje Baby Booties Shoes

Knitting Pattern for Saartje Baby Booties Shoes

This free knitting pattern for Saartje baby booties shoes are adorable, simple and quick to make. Baby booties slip gently upon an infant’s feet and keep their little toes warm.


Knitting Pattern for Saartje Baby Booties Shoes
Alice Kathryn

This article will teach you how to make several patterns of Saartje Booties. One thing you will find attractive in this project is the variety of the bootie designs. However, the basics are the same. What makes the difference are the combination of colors in each design and the kind of buttons used.

All the designs are beautiful. They combine beauty with simplicity and style for your baby. If you get a hang of it, you will be able to make it in commercial quantity for sales, make several patterns for your baby or even make enough for charity donations.

The major reason to carefully study these patterns is that when you get a hang of the concepts, you could come up with your own designs. It is all to trigger your creativity. Once you are able to make the first pair and it comes out beautiful, you will be motivated to make many more pairs with different designs.

The designer suggests you go for Rowan RYC Cashcotton yarns for this. You could opt for another brand of yarn later but it is advisable to use the recommended one for your first attempt. For each pair of booties, you need about 100 yards of yarn which 91m. You also need the needle size of US 1½ or 2.5mm.

Tasks like this are better done right immediately after reading through the web pages. The longer it takes before you get your hands on it, the less likely you will do it. So, it is better to swing into action immediately after reading and sharing it.

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