KnittingKnitting Slip Stitch Color Pattern Scarf Project

Knitting Slip Stitch Color Pattern Scarf Project

This Knitting Slip Stitch Color Pattern Scarf Project is a creative twist on a cold weather clothing accessory that wraps around your neck.

Knitting Slip Stitch Color Pattern Scarf Project

The scarf is a very common piece of clothing that can be knitted at home. They can be made in different colors to reflect the seasons and in various styles. One style is the Swiss check, a slip stitch color pattern with two strains of the same yarn that creates a complex pattern but does not need as much precision as regular patterns. Get the following for this project: one pair of straight needles US 8 size, a tapestry needle, a garage of 19 stitches (4 inches in stockinette), and, most notably, 120 yards of Lang Yarns Viva yarn #0200.

Knitting Slip Stitch Color Pattern Scarf Project

The two yarns can be off the same color or of different shades. They have to be worked on alternately in order to produce the correct slip stitch color pattern. Your first line has to be made on 39 stitches loosely in five rows: purl, knit, purl, knit, and purl. This will then begin your leading pattern, which will be eight rows. Each row has a different notch in the pattern; follow it very closely all the way going to the edging row. Complete the edging rows and tie off loosely with seven-inch tassels.

Scarves are pretty to have and it is more special if they are made at home.

For the knitters and homemakers, this is a creative piece to have and something that stands out more than anything sold at a store.

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