KnittingKnitting Snow Sparkle Diamond Shawl Craft Project

Knitting Snow Sparkle Diamond Shawl Craft Project

Knitting Snow Sparkle Diamond Shawl Craft Project is almost a celebration in fun once you get the rhythm down pat.

Knitting Snow Sparkle Diamond Shawl Craft Project

The complete shawl measurement is 31″ length at center x 62″ wingspan, from end-to-end at both arms. Get fourrollsof yarn in tin (grey) color – 42% linen, 41% combed cotton, 9% glitter, 8% polyamide, 50g/246 yards -a Size-5 round 32-inch needle, stitches, and a tapestry needle.The scale is 16 stiches x 26 rows equals 4-inch in Stockinette stitches.

The shawl is knitted from the top down. The edges are knittedon edge. It is connected to the shawl’s body at the start of all WS (wrong side) rows by knitting one stitch from the body from the edge. For stitches – 2×1 LC: make 2 stitches to the cable need in front, knit-1 from the left needle, knit-2 from cable need. 2×1 RC: make stitch to cable need and hooked in the back, knit-2 from the left needle, k1 from cable need.

For the shawl body – make four stitches and knit the first 10 rows. For the right side – Knit-4, rotate at 90 degrees; pick up and make 8 stitches from the Tab side, pick up, knit 4 to 16 stitches as needed. For the wrong side – go P5, then place marker, p6, then place marker, and p5 again. Work rows 1 through 32 (as seen on the Shawl Body chart), and then repeat on rows 17 – 32 at least 8 more times = 336 stitches.

For edging – interlace at the ends. Use block wires for the upper edge of the shawl and fasten the points from edging.

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