KnittingKnitting a Strawberry Hanging Basket Project

Knitting a Strawberry Hanging Basket Project

Knitting a Strawberry hanging basket project is a truly beautiful piece of art inspired by the delicious growing fruit.

Knitting a Strawberry Hanging Basket Project

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Knitting, crochet and needlework are good for the spirit but they are also good for the home. Crafting and displaying something handmade makes you feel good. It’s easy to forget that needlework isn’t limited to tea towels or a scarf. You can make raised work or three dimensional decorations too.

Since ancient times, needlework has been used to make raised motifs, often called stumpwork. Even though those patterns are for embroidery, any type of needlework does the trick. Take a look at some old patterns for ideas.

Individual items needed for the display can be knitted separately. Wire them together to make a shape, bouquet of flowers or a table top decoration. Using the individual pieces method, you can create a soft knitted copy of just about anything you’d have in your home.

Flowers and leaves are easiest to begin with because the patterns are readily available. The patterns for nature based copies can be from old texts or new contemporary designs. Their popularity makes them easy to learn since there are countless instructions available.

For Spring, or just to add color with a hanging basket, consider making a strawberry pot crafted from knitted leaves and berries. It is assembled around a support that will be hung. The leaves are made from individual patterns and each flower type – berries and strawberry flowers – are made from other patterns.

The stems are knitted as cord and then wired to support the berries. Wrap the flat leaves around a support basket and sew in the berries, stems and flower buds. It hangs like a real planter and is colorful enough to want to eat.

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