KnittingKnitting Stylish Side Flower Hat Project

Knitting Stylish Side Flower Hat Project

Knitting Stylish Side Flower Hat Project is an amazingly simple yet satisfying way to make classic (almost 1940’s) hat that has a feminine splash of flair.

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Here is a pretty piece of attire that is stylish and wonderful to make for the homemade knitters. It is not just a plain hat, but a flowery design with a center point that makes it stand out on the head. With its light violent color and pearl bead that shines, it will capture plenty of attention. Besides the violent yarn and pearl bead to thread after, the needle size should be US 4 – 3.5 mm, use between 220 – 260 yards of yarn, and feature a weight of 9 wpi. 20 stitches equals 4 inches in stockinette stitching with a tension of 20 sts, or 10 cm for double yarn.

The Stylish Side Flower hat is made to be one size fits all.

This warm attire comes from Poland. The stitch style of the beret is 101 sts (99 regular sts and 2 edge sts) and made in 71 rows. For the flower, it is 8 sts (6 regular sts + 2edge sts) that should be used with a needle size of 4 mm. They should be sewn on the bottom with one large pearl bead in the center of the pedals. The pedals will not be on the top of the beret, but on the side. The final result should be one like picking out of a garden.

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Melissa Francis
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