KnittingKnitting Toddler Monster PJ Pants Craft Project

Knitting Toddler Monster PJ Pants Craft Project

Knitting Toddler Monster PJ Pants Craft Project from this free pattern is an amazing gift idea for for friends and family who have little children.

Knitting Toddler Monster PJ Pants Craft Project

If you are a mom with a little one under the age of 3 years, there is a pattern for a pair of longies that will make any grumpybum a very cute and happy one.

 It is easy to follow and really fun to make. This pattern is for sizes 6 months to 1 year. Due to the long pj pants being made with wool, which has a lot of stretch, the long pj pants can expand to perhaps fit a 2-year-old. However, the long pj pants does not stretch in length, only in width. Should your two-year-old be a little long in the leg, you can add extra rows or stripes in the pattern.

The longie pjs boasts a lovely stripe pattern with a grumpy monster face placed firmly and cutely in the bum area.

You will need:

• 4mm circular needles

• Yarn that is suitable for 4mm needles, 100m to 50g. 2 rolls for the base color, 1 roll for each stripe, about 25m of red, some white yarn and a little black yarn. The base color and color used for the stripes can be your own preference.

When your little one, or a little one in the family, feels a little grumpy or ill then he or she can wear their grumpy bum monster long pj pants to suit their moods.

These long pj pants are super cute and very easy to make. Everyone will love them, especially your little grumpy bum at home.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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