CraftsKnot and Tie Galaxy Shirt Tutorial

Knot and Tie Galaxy Shirt Tutorial

Make a unique knot and tie galaxy shirt with this tutorial. One of the most amazing things about this day and age is that people are becoming much more open to expressing their individual styles. While there are still clothing trends, people are getting more comfortable with dressing and styling themselves in a way that makes them feel comfortable and makes them feel attractive. One way this movement is being encouraged is through the popularity of DIY clothing guides. You can now find thousands of ways to design and make your own clothes, all with minimal effort.

This tutorial is an ode to individual style. It shows how you can make a uniquely designed and just as uniquely styled galaxy shirt. It mixes tie dye, a style that’s once again becoming popular, and an outer space look, plus a distinctive tie at the shoulder to create something you won’t be able to buy in stores. If you love making your own shirts, this is definitely the guide for you. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter, since DIY clothes are a hot topic right now.

You do not need to make cuts in the shirt… let you guide your own style.

All you’ll need for this project is:

– Black Cotton T-Shirt (a bit larger than your normal size)
– Bleach
– Trash Bag
– Scissors
– Brush
– Tulip One Step Spray Dye
– Soft Fabric Paint
– Permanent Fabric Tape

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Knot and Tie Galaxy Shirt Tutorial
Knot and Tie Galaxy Shirt Tutorial


The guide takes you through all the steps and includes pictures, if you’re a little worried you might get lost along the way.

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