Household TipsLand For Sale For Anyone Looking

Land For Sale For Anyone Looking

Land For Sale For Anyone Looking To Homestead or For  A Bug Out Location

There are many places to find land that is for sale but I didn’t know that Mother Earth News had a land for sale section on their site. They do and it is a nice section as you can do an advanced search and choose which state, which county and how much you are looking to spend on a piece of land.

Land For Sale For Anyone Looking
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There are some that are coming up for auction that even have a house on them. You can find some as small as part of an acre and others that have many acres. For folks looking to start homesteading or for a bug out location, this may be where you will find that piece of land to call you own. Some of the parcels are in soon to be developed subdivisions so if you are just looking to move this could help you as well.

There are some that are different as well. One I saw was 19 acres, unfortunately almost the whole parcel was part of a big pond. I suppose you could set up some kind of water sports but that would be about it. So check it out and see if you find what you have been searching for. The house that is going up for auction looks pretty nice, it needs some work but it is a beautiful home.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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