CleanersLaundry Day Without Electricity

Laundry Day Without Electricity

After reading this article, you will understand why women use to call it “Blue Monday” …. all the household laundry was done on Mondays and it was an all day project of back breaking work.

Keeping your clothes clean is important. Not only does it keep you from stinking to high heaven, but the buildup of proteins and bacteria in dirty clothes can lead to sickness, skin issues, drawing insects to your living space an in a disaster situation.
Plus if you stink, people can smell you downwind whether they can see you or not.    Make sure to read to the bottom of the article to get a great tip for when you need to hang clothes outside to dry in the winter. This tip will keep them from freezing.

Prepper Ideas website share a laundry recipe and a step by step picture tutorial of how to do off the grid laundry.



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Melissa Francis
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