Essential OilsLavender - Natural Remedies & Tips

Lavender – Natural Remedies & Tips

A few drops of Lavender essential oil on the backside of your pillowcase will help ease your mind, bring calmness and a restful sleep.

Minor sunburns – a few drops of Lavender essential oil in a bathtub of lukewarm water to soak in will help ease the pain and be helpful in preventing peeling skin.

Adding Lavender essential oil to your dish or laundry Soap will give it an antibacterial boost to it’s cleaning power.


A few drops of lavender essential oil applied and massaged into the forehead, temples and nape of the neck can relieve a headache. An ice water compress across the same areas can help as well.

To add a relaxing but not overwhelming smell to any room, place a few drops of Lavender essential oils on a cotton ball then place inside your vacuum cleaner bag. You will refresh your room as you are cleaning.

Being one of the few essential oils that can can be safely applied to the skin, Lavender essential oil can be used in its undiluted form for optimal potency or in more dilute form for abrasions, cuts, burns, inflammatory skin conditions.

Lavender essential oil has antiviral, bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

You may be able to minimize the appearance of scar tissue by massaging Lavender essential oil on or around affected areas.

Massage a few drops of Lavender essential oil into your lower abdomen to help with menstrual cramps.  Applying a hot compress that has a few drops of Lavender essential oil misted upon onto the area can be soothing.


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