Natural RemediesLearn Process of Making Healing Tincture Recipe

Learn Process of Making Healing Tincture Recipe

Learn process of making healing tincture recipe in detailed step by step process. Today’s article uses “Nettle” as an ingredient but remember you are encouraged to use different herbs, flowers and spices to create different tinctures for the healing effects you are seeking. This is about learning the “process” in other words the steps.

Learn Process of Making Healing Tincture Recipe

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Generally, alcohol and chopped herbs are the two major ingredients necessary for making tinctures. When it comes to extracting those relevant plant compounds, particularly those that are woody or fibrous, and from resins and roots, this concentrated herbal extract tends to be more effective.

Most herbal books mention this method as a recommended way of using herbs because it seeks to ensure that both the herbs and their nutrients are preserved for a long period of time. Apart from this, there are also several reasons why many herbalists can’t do without tinctures including their

Ability to allow for immediate dosage change.

– Ability to be absorbed very quickly.

– Utility for long-term treatments.

– Ease of transportation (portability).


Nettle, fresh or dried

Brandy or vodka

Materials or Tools:



Mason jar

Large bowl

Small funnel

Liquid measuring cup

Amber dosage bottles

Muslin or cheesecloth

Learn Process of Making Healing Tincture Recipe
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Tinctures are very beneficial in the sense that they help to maintain plant nutrients by keeping them in a steady, soluble state. Unlike some other remedial solutions, tinctures don’t lose their potency even when added to juice to transform their bitter taste.

When processing dry herbal extracts particularly with heat-treatment, a significant amount of volatile ingredients could be lost but this is not the case with tinctures. Rather, they then to retain these ingredients and preserve their usefulness.

Follow the instructions mentioned here to create your own tincture.

Click here to read how to learn the process of making healing tincture recipe:

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