NeedlecraftLearning to Tatt Lace with Shuttle Tatting

Learning to Tatt Lace with Shuttle Tatting

Learn how to tatt lace with shuttle tatting. You can make all sorts of lace items from pillow case edges to earrings and pretty much anything else you can think of.

This double stitch is of similar kind to the knot as the head knot of the lark being used in macramé.
As far as shuttle tatting is concerned, the right hand is being used for maneuvering the shuttle around a thread placed on the left hand. Meanwhile, the left hand is being used for maneuvering the thread forming the stitches.

Learning to Tatt Lace with Shuttle Tatting

Tatting’s main trick is to perform those movements made by the left and right hands in continuous motion while you are forming the loops and tying the knots. It requires a bit of practice and patience. The moment the basic steps have been mastered, you will find shuttle tatting very easy.

According to Viviel’s Laceworks, as the name implies, shuttle tatting is performed using a tool referred to as shuttle. This is so far the oldest technique of tatting, with a lot of diehard fans considering this as the one traditional or true form of tatting.

There are many benefits associated with shuttle tatting. The first one is the most obvious, and that is, you will be getting all those amazing shuttles. There are modern and antique shuttles alike out there with stunning beauty and function.

Annie’s Craft Store defines shuttle tatting as the hand lace technique where double stitch knots are tied on the foundation thread shaped into chains and rings to create a lacy material.

Many shuttle tatters have an extensive variety to accommodate different projects. The stitches, or the knots, are being made directly on the thread. It means that the thread’s size itself is the key determining factor to the piece’s size. There is no need for you to match the shuttle and the thread since the shuttle is just a tool to manage and manipulate the thread.  If you would like the free melting into spring snowflake pattern you can find it here. For patterns of vintage items like the booties you can find free patterns or purchase some here.

All you need to get started is a shuttle some thread and you might want a book of patterns to make. If you are a beginner in shuttle tatting, Kmemuse shares the basics in a tutorial where you get to learn about winding, double stitching, and ring.


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