Natural RemediesLemon Honey Coconut Oil Cough Syrup Recipe

Lemon Honey Coconut Oil Cough Syrup Recipe

This delicious Lemon Honey Coconut Oil cough syrup recipe is super soothing for for dry cough and sore throats while giving an immune system boost.

As school starts and the weather begins to turn colder, people are beginning to brace themselves for flu season. And it seems like, even if you take your vitamins and even prep with extra vitamin C, no matter what you do, you’ll come down with some form of a cold in the next few months. While there are lots of natural ways to treat colds, one problem that often comes from these bouts of sickness is coughing. If you’re trying to combat a cough and you want an all-natural alternative, this tutorial is perfect for you.

This guide goes over the steps to make your own all-natural cough syrup using honey, lemon, and coconut oil. Since coughs tend to stick around a lot longer than the brunt of the cold or flu, this treatment will be a life saver for many people out there. And because it’s all-natural, you won’t have to worry about giving it to your little ones. The best part? It clears up those nasty coughs in no time!

To make this cough syrup, you only need three ingredients:

– Honey    (BUY HERE)
– Lemon Juice
– Coconut Oil  (BUY HERE)

Together, these three ingredients work to combat every angle of a cough. The honey works as an anti-viral and anti-microbial agent, while also working to sooth the throat. Lemon juice works as an immune booster as well as having anti-bacterial properties. And coconut oil is an antioxidant that also boosts the immune system.

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Lemon Honey Coconut Oil Cough Syrup Recipe

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