ChickensLimited Space City Chicken Coop DIY Project

Limited Space City Chicken Coop DIY Project

Here is a great tutorial of how to build a limited space city chicken coop diy project.

The following is a very well thought out and detailed set of instructions for building a small and attractive chicken coop in your backyard. You get photographs of each step of the process, photos that show the details of the joinery, and a list of all the materials and tools that you will need.

Limited Space City Chicken Coop DIY Project

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The following is a great example of what a person with the will and drive to accomplish a homesteading project can do. The author admittedly knew little of chickens and building a chicken coop. The term coop is correct although this man’s creation is more of a chicken mansion.

This chicken project shows that you can use a small part of your yard to create a really good looking and completely functional chicken coop. The creativity that went into this project actually makes a very attractive addition to the backyard.

The end result is simply amazing. It looks good. There are unique additions that make the owner and maybe the chickens proud. The coop fits in a small space but looks terrific. This project that can be done by anyone is a tribute to what homesteaders can accomplish on their path to self sufficiency.

Chickens have been a part of self sufficiency for at least 10,000 years. The biggest concern for many homesteaders who live in suburbia is having enough space for raising chickens. You will need to learn about the breeds that work best in your climate.

Chickens produce eggs that you can eat and sell. They also produce some of the best manure for growing plants that even existed. The high nitrogen is the key to the quality of chicken manure.

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