Emergency PreparednessLiving in an Off Grid Tent

Living in an Off Grid Tent

See what it will take to live in an off grid tent if you are ever forced to. Living in confines of home is comfortable and easy. While on camping you get to live in a tent and practice makes you quite a pro in it as well. But in some areas as the infrastructure begins to collapse you have to make do and be comfortable with tent style living. While camping may feel like a fun thing to do, living out in the open is serious training for survival in case such circumstances arise.

Living in an Off Grid Tent

In some areas, tent style living may become a necessity as there is no other option.
Now here is when you have a lot of things to consider. It is not only about sleeping in night and packing away in the morning. We are talking about regular normal living but in a tent. One needs to understand the ropes of tent style living when disaster strikes or emergencies. Normal tents made of nylon or polyester are the kind that we are accustomed to using during our camping trips. But canvas is not only durable and is being used for tent living for hundreds of years. It is not only strong but comfortable too. See this article at Survival Team Tactics on off-grid tent style living for guidance.


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