Loads of Vintage Handyman Hacks Still Valid Today


Everyone loves life hacks in this modern world but did you know that way before internet came to existence, there was a cigarette company that spread useful tips.

It may seem ironic that the cigarette company was trying to improve its customers’ lives yet this was exactly what happened. Gallaher’s Cigarettes during 1910 started to put home hack cards in their cigarette boxes, partially for the boxes to become more durable. Even though the company has long been out of business, the hacks in the cards stayed forever.

According to Oceana Setaysha, one of the hacks in these cards is reviving cut flowers. You don’t have to worry if the gorgeous flowers you received started to look a bit limp after leaving it out of water or during transit. It is possible to revive those blooms by just plunging the flower stems in hot water then leaving them there until the water has cooled down. After this, simply trim the stem ends and put them in cool water as usual.

If you have no serrated knife at home, cutting new bread is
almost impossible without crushing this to a doughy pile. The good news is that you don’t need to buy a new knife just so you can enjoy your favorite bread. Before cutting the bread, just deep the knife in hot water and once it becomes completely hot, just wipe the knife then use this for cutting the bread.

Thanks to the hot knife, it will be easier to cut even the softest of breads to thin slices.
These are just a couple of hacks included in cigarette boxes in the past. If you want more, Family Handyman lists down 100 vintage home hacks that remain brilliant in this modern day world.