CanningLook at this Notched Canning Shelf Project

Look at this Notched Canning Shelf Project

Look at this notched canning shelf project to store a massive amount of canned food in mason jars.

Look at this Notched Canning Shelf Project

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What led to this was that there were several canned products to be preserved. Initially they wanted to use 4 x 4 logs of wood for the standing posts. But the ones they picked from lumberyard were termite infested. They tried to purchase but found out all the 4 x 4 logs being sold were all treated. Since they needed the shelf for food, it will be dangerous to put food items near chemical ridden wood.

So they decided to settle for two 2 x 4 logs for each standing posts. This implies that they needed four 2×4 logs for both posts. Instead of having just one standing post on each side of shelf, they came up with two each, one in front and one at the back. Holes through which cross bars will pass were chiseled into the logs.

At the end, the shelf was made with 6 layers and each layer holds up to 150 cans. Multiplying 150 by 6 layers will give you 900 cans. The shelf has the capacity of holding 900 cans. Little wonder it took the owner 3 years to fully occupy the shelf. Imagine how much it will cost her to purchase such a massive shelf.

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