Lots and lots of Juicing recipes, everyday to ailment specific

Recipes – Juicing and Juices – listed by what ailment they are good for.     We juice a lot at my house. Whenever we do vegetable juicing I always put the pulp in a freezer bag and freeze it. Then whenever I made soup I add some of the veggie pulp to my soup pot. Sometimes I am really surprised at how good it makes the soup taste. The pulp can be from a mix of carrots, kale, beets, rutabaga and any other veggies we have and throw in the juicer but the mixture gives the soup a flavor that tastes like I stewed veggies all day long to get that all day long soup flavor. I used to throw all the pulp on the compost but then I thought well all those peel probably have a lot of nutritional value left in them so lets give it a try. I am really glad I did because it really does wonders for a pot of soup and now we eat the entire vegetable.

30 Days of Juicing

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