CanningLow Sugar Blackberry Jam Canning Recipe

Low Sugar Blackberry Jam Canning Recipe

Low Sugar Blackberry Jam Canning Recipe is a naturally sweetened jam that can be made with freshly picked or frozen blackberries.

Low Sugar Blackberry Jam Canning Recipe - Homesteading

Spread some blackberry jam on pie dough to form a jelly roll and bake….. so many ways to eat this delicious blackberry jam.

When the end of summer comes and your homestead blackberries are ripe, you can make all sorts of goodies with blackberries, jam, pie filling, and even dumplings.

Did you know that frozen blackberries have an easier time releasing their sweet juices compared to fresh blackberries ? Freezing the berries also allows you to save canning work for during the winter when it will help heat the house and when there is less projects.

Now if you’re going to make jam, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so.



Box of Pomona’s Pectin

Lemon Juice

Grape Juice

Store bought comerically made Blackberry Jam is loadeded with sugar. Many people do not know that that blackberry jam can be sweetened with something other than a loads of sugar.

It can be sweetened with GRAPE JUICE. Not only does grape juice sweeten the jam in a more healthy way, it also brings out the flavor of the jam better because sugar is not masking the taste.

Now if you are still thinking that the jam will be too tart for your taste, you can use a little organic sugar along with the grape juice. It is still way healthier and tastier than using just regular sugar in large amounts.

It is important that you know how easy it is to substitute for grape juice for regular sugar…. and how much of a difference it can make. It not only tastes better but it is way healthier and can be used in more ways.

Always do your research before you make jam, there are so many delicious combanations just waiting for you to create.

Many would have never thought of it, many will be skeptical, but it works and you should try it.

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