DessertsLuscious Lemon Cream Cheese Squares

Luscious Lemon Cream Cheese Squares

Luscious lemon cream cheese squares is a recipe that will make any lemon lover happy. It is made in a 9×13 baking pan so there will be plenty to go around. It comes out similar to cheese cake and it is totally delicious. It is made with fresh lemon juice and zest so you get that fresh tangy flavor. The top is sprinkled with sugar and lemon zest over the buttered top which gives it even more lemon flavor.

Luscious Lemon Cream Cheese Squares

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The recipe is from Cocinaradicto and it is so tasty. Going by the recipe you use crescent roll dough for the top and bottom crusts. It is good made that way, we liked it but I love puff pastry and I like to make this when I will be having a crowd so I made a couple of changes for when I am making it for the crowd. I make it in my lasagna pan. I double the recipe for the cream cheese and lemon filling and the topping. Then I roll boxed puff pastry to fit the bottom and then the other sheet to fit the top.

Every thing else is the same and it is super delicious and makes enough for a group. So you can make the smaller if you will only need enough for your family or the larger for a crowd or if your family wants to have some for a couple of days. The author also says you can use Splenda® and low fat cream cheese if you prefer.


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