Emergency PreparednessMaintain Communication in Disaster Situation Tips

Maintain Communication in Disaster Situation Tips

How to maintain communication in disaster situation tips may seem like common sense but under high level of stress a structured outline can be a lifesaver.

Maintain Communication in Disaster Situation Tips

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1.Maintain a list of emergency phone numbers (plus family and friends) in your cell phone and on paper.

2. Keep batteries charged and car phone chargers available for backup power for your cell phone.

If you have a traditional landline, keep at least one non-cordless phone in your home because it will work even if you lose power.

Program a contact person in your cellphone named “In Case of Emergency” so emergency personnel can contact that person as your next of kin in case you are unconscious, in need of medical attention or dead.

Keep all phone calls brief. If you need to use a phone, try to convey only vital information to emergency personnel and/or family. Don’t tie up the line because it will drain your cell phone battery.

Subscribe to text alert services from local or state government or police department to receive alerts in the event of a disaster. Parents should sign up for their school district emergency alert system.

Tune into broadcast television and radio for important news alerts. If applicable, be sure that you know how to activate the closed captioning or video description on your television.

As humans, it is imperative that we stay prepared for any eventuality or unforeseen circumstances. No individual or government can tell when a disaster or terrorist attack will happen.

It does not matter whether the catastrophe is caused by humans or a natural occurrence, the important thing is to stay prepared. So have you thought of what could happen if a disaster occurs today? Are there emergency supply kits on standby for you and your family or are you planning to sit out the incident?

There is no way of telling when a disaster might occur, and when disaster strikes, you can get cut off from all forms of communication. This makes it critical that in every emergency situation, it is ideal to have a plan B in place (so that you can rely on it when the need arises).

Being able to speak with your loved ones and the authorities during emergency situations can mean either life or death, so it is vital that you think ahead and be prepared for any event. You need to have some arrangement ahead of time.

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So why not begin the process of planning and thinking of how communication with your family, friends as well as the relevant authorities in the event that a disaster strikes.

Try to initiate the four points highlighted in the below article, so that you and your family would be ready for any eventuality.

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