Maintaining Your Chainsaw


      If you have a chainsaw do you do maintenance on it or do you take it in to a shop for maintenance? If you are paying someone to do the maintenance on your chainsaw, watch these videos and learn how to maintain it yourself. George A. Finn III has created 15 videos and shared them on Ehow to show folks how to use and maintain their chainsaws. In the videos you will learn how to cut with the chainsaw.

       Then you will learn how to mix the oil and gas that it uses for fuel. From there George will show you how to change the air filter, lubricate  the sprocket, how to sharpen the chain, how to tighten the chain and even how to choose the proper safety gear for use while operating your chainsaw. This is a really good list of videos for anyone that uses a chainsaw but especially for anyone that is just getting started on using a chainsaw.

       I think a lot of folks think you just put fuel in and start it up and I suppose that will do for a while but with regular maintenance your chainsaw will last a lot longer and while pay someone else to do the maintenance when you can do it yourself. Good videos with some good info.


Click here to see all 15 videos>>>

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