DIY ProjectsMake a Amazing Penny Floor DIY Project

Make a Amazing Penny Floor DIY Project

How to make an amazing penny floor diy project is made with the smallest currency denomination coins, a lot of patience and just a few supplies.

Make a Amazing Penny Floor DIY Project

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One woman, though, literally redid her floors with loose change. Watch how she took nothing but pennies, glue, grout, and epoxy, and turned a couple of pieces of plywood into a beautiful, ornate floor.

Not only was it way cheaper than hiring a contractor, she got to customize the pattern of her floor, and she can proudly say that her floor is incredibly unique.

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Once upon a time, any self respecting member of the Roman period had a tile inlay floor. Those fantastic designs in rooms found in Pompeii and other digs reflect a passion for creativity and color in living spaces. Now to create that look, it’s often an expensive prospect with a designer or specialized tile or laminate packages.

On the other hand, it’s far more satisfying to do it yourself. You can lay out your own Roman floor using something on hand to create patterns in diamonds and lines that will take on an expression of luxury and showcase your creativity.

One project like this has hit a photo site uses pennies. The homeowner decided to lay out her own kitchen floor instead of buying tile. She elected to make patterns out of contrasting colored pennies. Some coins were tarnished and others shiny copper and alternating the two in a relatively simple repeating pattern created a floor that looks like it should be in an art museum.

The homeowner purchased only $150 worth of pennies and, starting from the center, after graphing the plans, worked outward creating diamond shapes with the two alternating colors of the coins. At the edges, she enclosed the design in chevrons.

The pennies were glued into place on pre-existing wood boards with glue and epoxy. The finished effect is a glossed shine creating depth and making it safe to walk on and use. It’s a fantastic idea you can repeat yourself or use other items you might have access to and create a one of a kind room in your home.

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