Make A Cat Scratching Toy Bunnies Like It Too

If you have cats or pet rabbits that live in your house you probably already know how expensive toys for them are. With this tutorial you can make a scratching toy that both cats and bunnies will like and for only around 6 dollars.

Make A Cat Scratching Toy Bunnies Like It Too


This one was built for a cat by Attmos who shares the tutorial on Instructables. One of the commenters says that their bunny love the scratching toy too. You can purchase a scratching toy like this but it will cost three times as much to buy one than to make it your self. This one is made from the crushes of two newly purchased toilet bowl brushes.

They cost a whole dollar at the dollar store. So you can see you will be saving money by making your own. It is suggested that once you have built the scratching toy that you should sprinkle some catnip on it the first time to capture the cats interest.

Then they will see how good it feel to get their back scratched when they want it and will come to love this new toy. They can use it when no one is home to scratch the itchy ears and back. It might even help keep the loose fur down around the house if they use the cat scratching toy often.


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