NeedlecraftMake A Circle Skirt In Minutes

Make A Circle Skirt In Minutes

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add some skirts to your wardrobe you need to see the tutorial for making this circle skirt. This is the easiest skirt pattern I have ever seen. This one is made with faux leather and doesn’t even require hemming. You could make it from any fabric you want but most would need to be hemmed which will add a little more time but this is so quick you could turn out all the skirts you need for the whole summer in one weekend.

Make A Circle Skirt In Minutes

The circle skirt is a perfect skirt for warmer weather because heavier fabric would be too much at the waist but lightweight summer fabrics are perfect. For any one that loves the twirly skirts that shout girly girl these are it. Very feminine and another thing about circle skirts are they do a good job of flattering since they drape and look nice. You can make them in any size you need, the tutorial will tell you haw to measure the person you are making the skirt for whether a toddler or a plus size lady.

Making the skirt is simple because there are only two pieces to it, you cut your material into a doughnut shape and add elastic to the hole part of the doughnut which is the waist. Thats it! The skirt is made and all thats left is the hem if you are using anything other than the faux leather. This is so easy and inexpensive that you can spend what you save on the skirts to buy gorgeous blouses to go with them.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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