Emergency PreparednessMake a Cold Weather Underquilt Insulated Hammock

Make a Cold Weather Underquilt Insulated Hammock

This tutorial of how to make a cold weather underquilt insulated hammock project is made to create equipment designed to sleep above the ground and stay warm. The hammock is one of the most versatile outdoor beds imaginable. It is definitely not just for relaxing on the beach in the summer heat, it can actually be used in much colder weather.
Make a Cold Weather Underquilt Insulated Hammock

However, if you do plan to use it in the colder temperatures you will want to be prepared in advance. Having a way to keep the cold wind and air out and the warmth in is a must and nothing beats Down feathers for beating the winter cold.

The author of this Do It Yourself project came up with a great way to combine the relaxing comfort of a hammock and the warmth of a Down Underquilt.

The project is presented in a manner that makes it extremely easy to understand and as long as you have some DIY skills you should not have a whole lot of trouble following along.

Benefits of reading a following the Down Hammock Underquilt DIY Project

● The project includes an extremely detailed list of all of the materials, supplies and necessary tools

● It includes a complete easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide

● It has numerous full color photos that are used to depict several of the stages of construction

Fibers will form tiny air pockets that trap body heat and keep out cold thus providing warmth

Click here to read about how to make a cold weather underquilt insulated hammock:


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