DIY ProjectsMake a Custom Bic Monogram Branding Iron Tool

Make a Custom Bic Monogram Branding Iron Tool

This step by step tutorial of how to have a custom Bic monogram branding iron tool made is perfect for artists, crafters and do it yourself kind of people to trademark their work. These portable custom Bic monogram branding tool are made from Bic lighters. Yes, you heard correctly. A Bic lighter.

The custom Bic monogram branding iron tool is made from a small piece of steel that’s fitted to the top of the lighter. You can create your own image and download it in just a few steps. Make the most of this trademark image by capturing the essence of the artist.

This brander actually works, too, with its heating source directly below and just a few seconds of your time to get it nice and hot. As your loved one uses with their branding iron, you’ll soon discover you’ve made a lot of new friends as they all clamber for one of their own just like the one you made.

How to Make a Custom Bic Monogram Branding Tool

Just a word of warning as you’ll definitely become the most popular person in the room for such a thoughtful and awesome gift. With this new gift idea, you can already see the thoughts swirling as you imagine the perfect personalizing gift.

Are you contemplating a gift for someone for a special day? Father’s Day? Christmas? Even Mother’s Day? Well, how about something unique and customized to that person? While you might be thinking about a nice pen or something general, you should be thinking about a new gift idea altogether. Why not give your loved one a portable branding iron?

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