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Make a Dog Hiking Backpack

Make a dog hiking backpack so that you can take your pet with you and he can carry his own supplies. Running has become the newest athletic activity of the year. You can’t get on a social media network without seeing people posting pictures of their running shoes or the stats of their latest run. And running is great! Especially when you have a furry friend to share the exercise with you. Dogs need just as much exercise as humans do, so taking your pet with you for your runs is a great way for both of you to get your energy out and stay healthy.

There’s only one small problem when it comes to running with pets: You need to take supplies with you to take care of them. Dogs need water, just like you do, but you also need to clean up after them. And, if you’re running in a place that doesn’t have frequent trashcans or watering stations, you’ll be running with a heavy water bottle and a bag full of your dog’s excrement.

This guide found a solution to this problem. If you’ve had to learn to carry your own water while you run, your pet can carry his or hers own rubbish and water, too!

The writer of this guide, a proud dog owner, created a backpack that you can put on your dog. The pack isn’t at all heavy and is perfect for putting extra water and dog bags in. It adds very little weight to the back of the dog and it’s made to be extra comfortable.

For this project, you’ll need:

– Fabric
– Nylon Webbing
– Zippers
– Plastic Buckles
– Scrap Batting
– A Lighter or Matches

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Make a Dog Hiking Backpack
Make a Dog Hiking Backpack



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