Natural Beauty RecipesMake a Dry Shampoo Recipe That Makes Your Hair Grow

Make a Dry Shampoo Recipe That Makes Your Hair Grow

This step by step tutorial of how to mix dry shampoo that makes your hair grow is a simple inexpensive recipe.

No matter how thick, thin, curly straight, short, or long your hair is, it’s a time consuming to wash it. While clean hair feels great, sometimes it’s too dry, too frizzy, or too uncooperative to do anything with for several days after a wash.

Unwashed hair, in general, is easier to style and control. The only problem with unwashed hair is that it’s oily and the only way to get the best of both worlds is to use dry shampoo. The problem with dry shampoo is that it can expensive. You make it for pennies.

If this sounds like a problem you face, this tutorial is for you. This short guide teaches how to make your own dry shampoo at a fraction of the cost that the store bought stuff costs. And, better yet, it’s so simple and easy, you can have this made and in your hair in no time!

For this guide, you’ll need the follow ingredients:

– Baking Soda
– Cornstarch
– Cocoa Powder (for brunettes) or Baby Powder (for blondes)
– Dried Herbs (Optional)

Unlike most dry shampoos which usually come in one color, this one has the option for making it darker, for those who have darker tresses. And, since it’s so cheap and easy to make, you can experiment with color as much as you want!

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Make a Dry Shampoo Recipe That Makes Your Hair Grow

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