DIY ProjectsMake a Garden Trellis from a Recycled Wood

Make a Garden Trellis from a Recycled Wood

Often backyard gardeners are limited to what kinds of vegetables and fruits that they can grow due to not having a whole lot of space. This limit applies mostly to vine type plants which like to spread out. The garden trellis was designed to direct the vine up and around instead of outward.

Unfortunately, a premade trellis at most garden supply stores will set you back quite a bit of money. The answer is closer than you might think and with a little work you could have your own handmade garden trellis. By using only the wood found on an old, discarded shipping wood pallet and power tools you can build your own in a weekend.

Using reclaimed material is also very good for the environment as well good for your wallet. Often, old shipping pallets are discarded and fill landfills or just left rotting away on side of the road.

Benefits of the Pallet Garden Trellis

● Repurposing of old, discarded shipping pallets
● Perfect for most any backyard garden or for small scale farming
● Includes full color pictures and step by step instructions
● All necessary lumber can be salvaged from a single shipping wood pallet

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Make a Garden Trellis from a Recycled Wood
Make a Garden Trellis from a Recycled Wood


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