CraftsMake A Picture Frame Shadow Box Craft Project

Make A Picture Frame Shadow Box Craft Project

How to make a picture frame shadow box craft project from recycled frugal items about your house.

So let’s say you have a handful of treasured items packed in the shelf of your nightstand or an old box tucked away in the attic, it is time to bring these treasured mementos out and put them in a shadow box where they will be appreciated.

Make A Picture Frame Shadow Box Craft Project

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For the benefit of those that have no clue or idea of what a shadow box is used for, here is a brief description: Shadowbox is a handcraft device that looks like a ‘deep frame’ that can be used to arrange or display memorable images or photos.

This craft originated decades ago, and the primary purpose of using it to display photographs is the beauty and neatness it brings when hung on a wall or placed on a shelf.

You may be wondering if this handcraft or DIY project is worth it. You may feel it will be hard to complete and probably take a long time to arrange properly. But that’s a wrong line of thinking. Squash all of these excuses and set your mind to begin the DIY.

It is a simple task as you just need a few supplies to make it. The best part is, no, artistic ability is required. Just put together a thick frame (you can order online they come in all types of colors), a couple of beautiful scrapbook paper (optional) and any additional decorations.

So quit making excuses, and follow the tutorial below for making a shadow box.

Click here to read about how to make a picture frame shadow box craft project:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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