RecipesMake A Quick Jar Of Jam In The Microwave Without Sugar

Make A Quick Jar Of Jam In The Microwave Without Sugar

Don’t you love this time of year when all of the fresh fruits and berries are back? We buy so many cherries and strawberries and raspberries. Then the peaches and plums along with the watermelon. All the sweet tastes of summer. But what do you do if you buy a lot of those fruits and berries and suddenly everyone has had their fill and it is all just sitting in the fridge.  Well if you have a lot of berries or a little of a couple of berries, instead of letting them go bad here is a nice way to save them. Make them into jam, in the microwave, in minutes! With one cup of berries you end up with a half cup of jam. No sugar or pectin needed. These will be refrigerator jam and will need to be kept in the fridge. Since you are only making one small jar it should get used up before it goes bad.


You can make it in less than five minutes so even if it’s the middle of the week and you are busy making dinner you could make the jam while you are in the kitchen and put it up for the weekend to serve on waffles or biscuits or eat it on toast the next morning. All you need is the berries and some corn starch. I know a lot of folks don’t like to use corn starch because of most of it being GMO but you can buy Rumford corn starch in a non GMO variety. The View From Great Island shares this recipe. This would be so much better than throwing away fresh berries and since it is sugar free there shouldn’t be any guilt adding some to your toast. It would be like eating the berries with your toast.


Get the recipe to >>>>>>>    Make A Quick Jar Of Jam In The Microwave Without Sugar

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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