Make a Spot Welder From a Battery

Learn how to make a spot welder from a battery. Even if you are not an expert welder or machinist, you will encounter spot welding at some point in time and you will need a spot welder for this.

Basically, spot welding is a welding method used for connecting 2 overlapping pieces of the metals through using electric current and pressure. It’s accomplished through using a weld head where electrons are seated as well as pressing it down forcefully upon the 2 parts that were meant to be welded together.

Make a Spot Welder From a Battery

Then, an electrical current is applied to melt the material and eliminated, enabling the two pieces of the newly-fused metals to solidify and cool. More often than not, minimal equipment used throughout the process of spot welding consists of portable workstation, weld head with electrodes, and enough power supply.

It is a renowned form of welding since it results to a strong joint that could be fused into place with minimal energy expenditure. It is also an efficient process. Aside from that, the process may be performed by almost anybody with minimal training, which makes it one of the accessible welding forms.

To many manufacturers, spot welding is an economical way to join 2 pieces of sheet metals. While joining sheet metals is a common use for the whole process, a spot welder may be used for a big variety of heat-treating and joining projects. Some of these aren’t really known.

A usual spot welder may range in prices, yet with a bit of resourcefulness and free time, you can actually make your own spot welder. In fact, Rilot on Instructables has provided some steps on how to make a simple battery spot welder that you may consider. All you have to do is to prepare the materials needed and follow the steps given. Once you’re done, you now have your own battery spot welder!

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