Essential OilsMake All Natural Bug Spray For Family Recipe

Make All Natural Bug Spray For Family Recipe

How to make all natural bug spray for family recipe uses simple ingredients with a powerful protective abilities using essential oils.

Make All Natural Bug Spray For Family Recipe

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As summertime is here, your family will no doubt be spending more and more time outside. Unfortunately, that also means they will be exposed to the many nasty bugs that are lurking outside.

While there are many different commercially made products on the market to keep the bugs at bay, most of them contain chemicals that no one but a chemist could pronounce, let alone know what they are. This article was designed to show the reader that there are safe and effective, all-natural alternatives to the chemical-laced sprays.

This easy to make homemade remedy only takes a few minutes and contains only all-natural ingredients. The creator explains that it is completely non-toxic and will not harm the sensitive skin or kids and adults alike. There is also no nasty odors commonly associated with the strong chemical filled commercial bug repellents on the market today. The information in the article is well put together and very easy to read.

Benefits of reading and using the Homegrown Remedies: Make an All-natural Bug Spray

● Discover as safe and all-natural way to keep the nasty bugs away from your family while they are out enjoying themselves

● The article includes a couple of different age appropriate type bug sprays to ensure that you don’t use an ingredient that might not be suitable

● The article includes the recipe for the bug spray which includes a complete listing of all the necessary ingredients

● You will also find in the recipe a complete, easy to read and to follow step by step instruction guide on the preparation

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