SewingMake Bandana Bibs For Your Baby Free Pattern

Make Bandana Bibs For Your Baby Free Pattern

Make bandana bibs for your baby with this free pattern. Catch all the drips and drools while adding this cute bib to your babies outfits. Some babies are super drooly when they are teething and I know one of mine was in the winter, I was so worried about taking her out of the house because her little chest was always wet and I was afraid she would get sick from it. I finally made some bibs out of hand towels and while they worked I would have loved these for her.

Make Bandana Bibs For Your Baby Free Pattern

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I can see these done up with pink bandana material and trimmed in ribbon or lace. They are adorable in these colors but I think these would be for a boy. I know they would be super cute in girl colors too. I would put my baby is a lil jean skirt, some cowgirl boots and one of these bibs over a long sleeved white onsie and it would be totally adorable. If you want to make some of these bibs for your baby Sam and Lurel share the pattern for free so you can make as many as you like.

If you are not into sewing but would like to have some bandana bibs anyway you can buy them in all colors and patterns here. A big assortment of these in different colors and styles would make an awesome baby shower gift.If your baby is drooling a little you could probably add a layer or terry cloth in the middle of the two pieces of material to help absorb and keep their clothing dry.

If your baby is up running around and you have do way to put up a baby gate but still need to corral the little check out this neat use of a blow up pool for getting the job done.


Looks so much nicer than the cages they kept us in when I was a kid or those tiny things you see now that really have no room for the baby to play.


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