SewingMake Your Own Bedrest Pillow

Make Your Own Bedrest Pillow

If you like to read or knit, crochet or do other things while in bed you will love the bedrest pillow. it lets you sit up in bed and provides arm rests so you can enjoy the comfort of being in bed but still sit up and do your needlework or read your book or even use your laptop. Every once in a while, we have those days where we just want to stay in bed. It is okay to allow yourself a time like that because we usually lead very busy and stressful lives.

Make Your Own Bedrest Pillow

Professional life is always about meeting deadlines and add family over it, it soon becomes too exhausting. Therefore, it is totally justified if you feel like spending your free days in bed. Obviously, being free does not mean you are totally inactive. People usually take to reading and hobbies like knitting. Some would just prefer to surf the internet. Whatever you may do, after some time you will notice that it becomes kind of tiring as your back and neck muscles give out. It becomes difficult to find a good position even if you have the right amount of cushions.

In this post from the Sew Happy Geek, the author has outlined a procedure to sew your own cushion for reading and knitting purposes. With this homemade cushion, you can easily relax without cramping your muscles and getting frustrated to find the right position every couple of hours. On your lazy days, just relax against this amazing cushion and enjoy your hobbies or tv. If you would rather just buy one you can find them here.

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