BeveragesMake Your Own Butterscotch Liqueur

Make Your Own Butterscotch Liqueur

Make your own butterscotch liqueur which is perfect for gifting and there is still plenty of time to make a lot of this for Christmas giving. If you plan to gift some liquid beverages this holiday season make sure to add this one to the round-up for all the folks that love the flavor if butterscotch. This recipe is very simple.

Make Your Own Butterscotch Liqueur

All the ingredients are mixed and heated on the stove top and then poured into a large jar and allowed to cure for a month.  After that just pour into fancy gifting bottles, add a bow  and your gift is ready. This recipe is from Annieami on Group Recipes. If you would like to gift an assortment of liqueurs you could add Ginger liqueur , Coffee Liqueur, Banana Bourbon Liqueur and Cherry Liqueur. There should be something for anyone that likes liqueurs in this assortment of recipes.

There is plenty of time to make a batch or two of each of the flavors. I think this butterscotch liqueur would taste really good in coffee and I am thinking of making a batch or two of the others too,  just to have them on hand for those unexpected guests or occasions when I need a quick gift.

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