PetsMake Your Own Raw Cat Food

Make Your Own Raw Cat Food

Make your own healthy raw cat food. Your cats are meant to eat raw food as cats are meat eaters and if they were not domesticated they would be eating raw meat.  The food bought at stores and pet food marts are generally stuffed with fillers.

Make Your Own Raw Cat Food

This homemade version of cat food contains chicken, eggs and added vitamins and oils supplements. The article  shares a recipe for making the cat food with or without bones, although you should really add the bones as cats do need the minerals and they like them. You should never feed them cooked bone though as they can splinter and hurt a cat. Raw and ground is fine but not cooked. The recipe given makes about 4 pounds of cat food and you can double, triple and even quadruple it and freeze most of it and just unfreeze as you need more. This way you can make up a couple of months supply at one time and be done for a while. The recipe has hearts and livers added into ti as well as the chicken and the meat is ground together with the bones. So if you have cats why not make them this food and give them what their bodies really need. No fillers, no fruits and vegetables. They would never eat those if they had a choice. All cats really need is meat but since you will be using only one kind of meat you add the vitamins and oils they would be missing.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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