Make Your Own Concrete Patio


If you are thinking about making a patio and are unsure what material you want you may find this interesting. You can make your own concrete patio for less than it costs to use stone or pavers. It will also last much longer tha either of them. Another nice thing about concrete is that it can be stamped to look like stone and still be much more durable than stone would be. It is a job that one or two people can do themselves so that would also save some money.

Make Your Own Concrete Patio

To get started you need to decide where you want the patio and how big. Then you will need to remove soil in that area to create the depth you need. Once that is done you will need to put in the forms which is basically wood edges to frame the area and hold the concrete in place until it sets. Then you will set metal supports in the area and lay wire mesh on them. The mesh should end up in the center of the thickness of the concrete.

This will reinforce  the concrete and make it stronger. Then you will start adding the concrete and spreading it to fill in the forms. Once that is spread you need to work it to get moisture to rise to the top. A few more steps and a little more time and then your patio will be done and you can fire up the bbq and enjoy your gorgeous patio. Home Dzine shares the tutorial for making your own concrete patio.

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