Make Your Own Corn and Soy Free Chicken Starter Food


If you are raising chickens from babies, here is how you can make your own corn and soy free chicken starter food.  Homesteading is a rare hobby these days. City life is so busy that we often don’t have time to accomplish the activities that homesteading requires. We are losing touch with nature and are dependent on advanced technology more than ever.

Make Your Own Corn and Soy Free Chicken Starter Food

Long gone are the days when people used to have chicken sheds in their backyard or kept small farm animals if they had the right amount of space around the house. These kinds of farming activities are mostly confined to country side farm houses nowadays. However, there are still some people living in the city that are struggling to find their connection with the nature back. These people keep chickens and grow vegetables and fruits to have their own produce. People buy baby chicks and then put an effort to make them grow appropriately. But, baby chicks can be a handful and need quite the care.

In this article from the Whole Fed Homestead, Crystal outlines a method to make homemade organic chick starter feed which is corn and soy free. She describes two separate recipes where one is with fish meal and the other without it. This is a good read for people who have just bought baby chicks and want to know about giving then a healthy diet.


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