Food DehydratingMake Dehydrated Butter Substitutes for Food Storage

Make Dehydrated Butter Substitutes for Food Storage

How to Make Dehydrated Butter Substitutes for Food Storage is detailed in this step by step tutorial. Butter is always goes on sale at the grocery stores, so take advantage of those sales, buy in bulk and dehydrate it for long time storage.

Make Dehydrated Butter Substitutes for Food Storage

This article teaches how to make dehydrated butter. He wanted the kind of butter that will last so long without a refrigerator. He wanted something he can stock up for a long time.

You also need to understand that he did a couple of experiments that didn’t yield the desired result. He didn’t give up. He kept trying. That should also tell you that you should not expect all your experiments to turn out nice every time. When attmept turns out bad, just figure out the real reason and make adjustments in your next shot. That should not make you give up the idea completely.

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For this project, you will need some sour cream, butter extract, parchment paper and a drying screen from an old dehydrator

The writer poured about half a cup of sour cream into a bowl and made a well in the middle of it. This one requires you to take the time to study it. The article is long but it is very explicit. You won’t get it wrong if you pay close attention. You should be able to stock up some dehydrated butter. Everyone needs it. Please don’t forget to share it.

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