Make a Dress Form Mannequin

Make a Dress Form Mannequin

How to make a dress form mannequin to your exact size. For anyone who makes their own clothes or those of their family knows that having a mannequin makes their life easier when it comes to patterns of shirts and dress.

Make a Dress Form Mannequin

Store bought mannequins can be extremely expensive which often puts them too far out for reach. This video was created as a way to introduce the reader to a DIY project for making a mannequin.

This tutorial for making a mannequin to your exact size is from Love.Be.Create. The will show you from start to finish how she made her mannequin.The presenter describes all of the necessary items that are needed and a detailed description of how they made the mannequin, All of the information is well thought out and presented well.

Benefits of watching DIY Projects: Make a Dress Form Mannequin

Discover an easy way to save a ton of money by making your own homemade mannequin.
The video describes all of the necessary materials, supplies, and tools that are needed.
It also describes in detail each and every step that is necessary to follow in order to make it.
The video is perfect choice in the medium that the creator used to share the information.