BeveragesMake Drunken Grape Brandy Liqueur Recipe

Make Drunken Grape Brandy Liqueur Recipe

How to make drunken grape brandy liqueur recipe is a great way to use those grapes you grow and pick on your homestead.

Make Drunken Grape Brandy Liqueur Recipe

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Making grape liqueur is a very simple and easy process, and you can make it from the comfort of your home. To make grape liqueur, you would need a few items like; local brandy made from plums, glass jar, strong brandy, sugar and of course some grapes.

Before preparation knowing the amount of liqueur you would want to make would help you get the right amount of mixture. After deciding the amount you want then you can pick up some grapes that would be enough for it, cut off the branches, wash and clean them thoroughly.

Ingredients and tools:




Huge glass jars

The grapes are put in a glass jar with some sugar added to it to create some sort of sugar and grape layer. These layers look more like a ½ inch of sugar to 2 inches of grape, and it is advisable not to fill the glass jar to the brim at least an inch of space is left. When this layer has been made the strong brandy is poured into it, and since 50% of grape liqueur is made of alcohol, a lot of brandy would be poured into the jar with just half an inch of space left.

This mixture is tightly sealed and kept under the sunlight for three weeks, and during that 3 weeks, it is stirred till the sugar disappears. When the 3 weeks is complete, it is filtered and ready to be consumed.

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