GardeningMake Flower Tire Planter Wreath Garden DIY Project

Make Flower Tire Planter Wreath Garden DIY Project

How to make flower tire planter wreath garden diy project is a great way to add a little color splashed into your landscape. Be sure to drill holes at on the bottom so the excess water can drain out.

Make Flower Planter Tire Wreath Garden DIY Project

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A good planter is hard to find. This is why it’s often better to take the DIY approach. You get exactly what you want, and perhaps something a little different than what you would find in stores. Using a tire planter tutorial offers a unique planter that hangs on your wall.


Old tire

Valspar spray paint (color is Exotic Sea)

potting soil


fabric weed barrier

Optional: chain and s-hook.

Looks almost like a hanging Easter egg, lol

Make Flower Planter Tire Wreath Garden DIY Project

As for what you decide to plant inside, that is entirely up to you. You could keep it as decorative and plant various flowers inside. You could also make it more functional and plant herbs such as basil and Rosemary inside so that you have access to fresh ingredients for your kitchen. Just be sure to plant herbs in a terra cotta pot then place inside the tire.

Make Flower Planter Tire Wreath Garden DIY Project

By using an old tire, you get to repurpose something that would otherwise not get a respectable second life. If you don’t have an old tire from your latest trip to the mechanic, you can buy a used one for cheap at a tire shop. Since it is never going to go on the road, a tire shop might even give you one if they know they can’t sell it.

You get to choose the color you’re going to paint the tire. This means it doesn’t even matter the tread level of the tire. Choose a color that works well for where it will hang. Then, all you really need is potting soil and what you will plant inside.

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