RecipesMake Fridge Pickled Garlic

Make Fridge Pickled Garlic

Make your own fridge pickled garlic. Do you love pickles on a burger? Have you ever tried pickled garlic on a burger or sandwich? If not, you have no idea what you are missing out on. I think I like pickled garlic better than pickles some times. I know when ever I make fridge pickles I always add garlic cloves and some pieces of onion to the jars and we all try to get all of the pickled garlic. It is so good you could just eat the pickled clove right out of the jar. Besides the pickled garlic being so tasty you wouldn’t believe how good the pickles are. They soak up a hint of garlic flavor that just sends them over the top in taste.

Make Fridge Pickled Garlic

Now with this recipe from Imperfectly Happy you can make full jars of just pickled garlic.  Because it is a fridge recipe it takes almost no effort to make and since you are only pickling garlic with this recipe there shouldn’t be any fights over the garlic since there will be a whole jar.  Another thing I do with pickles is I never throw away the pickle juice when the pickles are gone. You can slice cucumbers and peel some garlic cloves and put them in that juice for a few days and they will pickle too. Just make sure there is enough juice to cover everything in the jar.  I like these because they never got hot so they stay pretty crisp. If you like the fridge pickling method you might like to make Easy Homemade Pickled Vegetables For Your Fridge because it is easy and you can pickle a variety of vegetables.


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Paige Raymond
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