GardeningMake Garden Green Beans Tent Fort for Kids Project

Make Garden Green Beans Tent Fort for Kids Project

How to make garden greens bean tent fort for kids project is a wonderful lesson in gardening plus provides shade for kids and pets in the garden space.

Make Garden Green Beans Tent Fort for Kids Project

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A bean tent in the garden is a creative place to teach children about gardening. It creates shade from the sun while filling up holes of nutrition. Beans are easy to grow and can be fun to teach children because they are tough, grow quickly, and transplant well, making them an excellent learning tool in the home garden. For a bean tent, get 12 x 8’ bamboo poles, soil, sisal twine, some rocks, and about 40 beans.

Make Garden Green Beans Tent Fort for Kids Project
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Choose a spot under the sun for the tent and decide where the entrance will be. Mark out the area where the base of the tent will be planted and plant the bamboo poles six to eight inches into the ground and one foot apart. With all of the poles in the ground, gather them together at the top so they cross each other. Wrap the sisal twine over and under a couple of times, in different directions, before wrapping it around the outside of the poles several times tightly.

Pile garden soil at the base of the poles, keeping most of it on the outside of the tent, gently forming a mound that is six inches deep and at least eight inches wide. Use the rocks to make a wall and dig a trench all the way around at the apex of the mound. Plant the beans in the trench a few inches apart and soak them a bit, then keep the soil damp. Watering will keep the loose soil from washing away and will keep the leaves dry, preventing mold.

And just like that, we have a bean tent.

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