GardeningMake Gardening Grow Hot Caps from Used Milk Jugs

Make Gardening Grow Hot Caps from Used Milk Jugs

This step by step tutorial of how to make gardening grow hot caps from used milk jugs is perfect for expanding the length of your growing season. Re purposing an item that would eventually end up in the recycling bin can find a 2nd functional use in the garden.

Reusing plastic milk jugs is the best ecology conservation effort we can make as our responsibility towards the environment. We can start doing that by cutting the bottoms off the jugs and leaving the tabs of each side. After bending the tabs we can punch holes in them and put loop stakes in the holes to hold the milk jug hot caps down over plants. It is important that when we transplant the plants to the garden you can now cover each small plant with one milk jug hot cap.

These could be used to protect the plants from extreme weather conditions like frost and snowfall. The milk jugs serve as an insulator between the plant and the environment. When the sun is out and the danger of the harsh cold is past, the jugs could be removed and can be cleaned and stored for the next year.

Saving money on supplies for the homestead will make any person overjoyed.

Make Gardening Grow Hot Caps from Used Milk Jugs

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that plastic milk jugs put down in landfills will never degrade. Milk jugs are one of the largest volumes of plastic that end up in disposal sites and recycling them could greatly decrease all kinds of pollution.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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