CraftsMake Glitter Fairy Mason Jar Night Light Craft Project

Make Glitter Fairy Mason Jar Night Light Craft Project

How to make a Glitter Fairy Mason Jar Night Light Craft Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial that anyone can make. Magic sprakes a child’s imagination and inspires hope.


Mason jars are very useful to recycle after being bought for its intended use of holding sauces or any food. They are reused to create anything artistic with them or molded with other glass objects. With glitter, it can add sparkle to anything by simply applying glue for the glitter to stick on. It is seen on clothes, graduation caps, and multiple types of sculptures. Here is an easy, colorful project for kids that incorporate glitter with the use of the Mason jar.

Get a glass mason jar, glitter, spray adhesive, and battery operated LED lights. First, spray the inside of the jar with the adhesive. The corners are tricky to get, but make sure the spray covers them too. Next, pour about an ounce or two of glitter in the jar. Close it tight, shake the jar so the glitter covers the entire inside, and stick the lights in the jar on. Just like that, it is finished.

~ Materials for the project:

Glitter (you choose the color) (Buy Here from Amazon)

~ Glass Mason Jar (Buy Here from Amazon)

~ Spray Adhesive Glue (Buy Here from Amazon)

~ Battery Operated LED Lights (Buy Here from Amazon)


This type of project is good for a child’s bedroom and is a fun and easy creative project. It’s the type of the project that could help a child’s creative mind. Cheap to make, this glittering mason jar is perfect for a simple arts & crafts project.

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Melissa Francis
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