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Make Gyros With Your Venison

If you are a hunter then you know it is that time of year. If you come home with a deer, here is a recipe so you can make gyros with your venison. Bow season has started here in WI and my Hubs is out for a few hours on weekends looking to bag a deer.

Make Gyros With Your Venison

He doesn’t have a whole lot of luck but he likes to go every year. Sometimes I think he just likes to go and sit in a tree and watch the deer but don’t ever tell him I said that. Mean while I am hoping he does get one this year because I found this recipe for making gyros with venison from All Recipes and it looks delicious.

I love gyros and I think some lean venison back-strap would make really good gyros. Chef Stubbs shares the recipe and the marinade for the meat sounds amazing. I think this recipe would be good with beef or even chicken gyros too. I am always looking for more venison recipes because I like a lot of seasoning with the meat to sort of cover the wild taste.

I get a lot of the recipes I use out of this book(Gut It. Cut It. Cook It). If you need a recipe book for venison this one is really nice. It has a lot of illustrations and useful info to go along with the recipes. So will you be making gyros with your venison this year?


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