Make Homemade Ink From Black Walnuts Or Berries


This is a tutorial for making homemade ink out of black walnuts. It would be a great learning project to do with children to show them how folks would have used what they could find in nature to make things that were useful to them. I think its neat that you can take the husks which are really not fit for anything else (you really don’t even want to compost them because the black walnut tree has a built in chemical called  Juglone that will inhibit other plants from growing, especially tomatoes and other garden vegetables.) Also it is a nice way for the kids to learn something very basic about how folks did for themselves instead of just running to the store. Free Play Craft shares the tutorial on making the ink from black walnuts. If you don’t have black walnuts in your area Druid Garden shares a list of berries that can also be used to make inks. The black walnut makes a brown ink but if you use the berries you will have inks that are close to the color of the berries you use.


Click here for tutorial>>>


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